Sunday School & Adult Bible Study Classes

FBCR Children’s and Teens’ Sunday School Classes are designed to engage and teach age appropriate lessons from God’s Word. Our teachers’ desire is to encourage a love and desire in the hearts of our Children and Teens for God’s Word.
FBCR has several Adult Bible Study Classes to choose from with different teaching styles and topics.
All of these classes meet at 9:30 am each Sunday
The Edge Sunday School
This Sunday School class is geared toward Junior high and Highschool students. Join us as we examine the Bible and pull out application that you can apply to your everyday life.
Meets in Room 406
One3 is a ministry geared for young families with and without children. We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am to have frank and real discussions on topics that affect couples and families today.
Meets in Room 107
The Coming Storm
Meets in Room 407
Life of David
Family builders
Meets in Room 109
Staying True in a World Far From God 
Meets in Room 203
Wednesday Night
at 7:00pm